SoundCloudWall publishes a playlist of the 1000 most influential tracks on SoundCloud each month.

How does it work?

The tracks published on the wall are selected automatically using a ranking algorithm based on user influence.

How are the tracks ranked?

The Wall uses a ranking algorithm that takes into account who created each track, whose commented on each track and whose favourited each track.

Most importantly SoundCloud is mined for the relationships between users, from this each user on SoundCloud can be assigned a 'UserRank', a measure of how influential that user is.

The more influential the users are that Create, Favourite or Comment on a track the higher it's ranking will be. This is unlike the traditional charts which are simply a measure of how many people like something.

The list of 1000 most influential users on soundcloud is published here and is updated every couple of months.

The Wall is not about how many people like something, it's about who likes it.


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